CRE Week 2024

       Corporate Real Estate Week 2024

Corporate Real Estate Week 2024: "Corporate Real Estate Connects People"

April 22nd - April 26th

Corporate Real Estate Week is a global celebration of the corporate real estate (CRE) profession. It is an opportunity to inform the global business community about how CRE professionals' work shapes the workplace, employee wellness, and safety, new technologies for the built environment, and the interplay of urban planning and corporate site location decisions.

Here are the tools you can use all week (and before the week) to promote corporate real estate. 

Our theme for Corporate Real Estate Week 2024 is “Corporate Real Estate Connects People”
  • Whether it’s by securing space for desks or designing strategies that enable remote work, corporate real estate is ultimately about connecting people. Work is always a result of human collaboration.
  • We’re asking member companies, service providers, end-users, and occupiers to contribute to Corporate RealEstate Week by sharing photos, videos, testimonials, and stories, answering the same question: How Are You Connecting People?
  • How do your offices support human functions like clean air, green spaces, outdoor workspaces, and meditation spaces? How is your company demonstrating value to the remote as well as the onsite workers? What technologies are you using for conferencing? And what are the results? Lower turnover rates? Increases in employee loyalty?
  • While there may not be a norm, we hope that Corporate Real Estate Week will allow companies to learn from others and those outside our profession to see what corporate real estate is all about! 

Create Video Content

Ideas to utilize:
  • Interviews with workspace leaders 
  • Interviews with employees
What's next?

Create Social Media Content

Use the graphics we provided to insert your picture and answer the prompt:
  • How Are You Connecting People?”
  • “How Do You Empower Corporate Real Estate?”
  • “What Do You Find Most Rewarding About Working in Corporate Real Estate?”
2024 CRE Week Toolkit
View the Video example below - Thank you, Megan Lantz!

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