FutureForward 2025


We're excited to announce a new strategic initiative that will shape the future operating model of CoreNet Global; a model to ensure our association's relevance and indispensability for years to come.

And, as our valued members, we need your help!

FutureForward 2025 is an initiative aimed at predicting, preparing and planning for the ultimate association model.  We are keen to harness the energy and enthusiasm that we know you can bring to creating a shared vision for the organization that we all call our professional home.

Much like the "Corporate Real Estate 2020" research project of 2012 that sought to make bold predictions about the future of the profession, we will employ a similar project structure, this time focused on the association itself.

Industry thought leaders, business futurists and association experts will be invited to convene with you, our members, in work groups organized locally, globally and virtually to explore areas including the future of belonging, convening, knowledge sharing, and training and development.

We're looking for a diverse, globally representative group of member volunteers to participate in these work groups and help us achieve this vision. Visit FutureForward 2025 for more information about the project, and to apply here to serve on a work group by no later than 30 November 2017.

This is a great opportunity to meet and work with global colleagues for a fantastic common goal!

To learn more, attend one of two webinars:

11 October 2017 - 11am US Eastern Daylight Time/15:00 UTC & GMT:

Webinar 1

11 October 2017 - 9pm US Eastern Daylight Time/12 October 1:00 UTC & GMT:

Webinar 2